Welcome Behind The Curtain

Here's What To Expect From Our Call

  • By now you should have a pretty good idea of who I am and what our goals are around here at J.W.Crawford Consulting. So when you jump on this call with us be prepared to dive right in.

  • We will be focusing on one thing... Driving More Business To You

  • We have set aside 45 minutes to give you the most value possible, so we will be moving along with that one goal.

  • Believe me, myself and my team would love the opportunity to shoot the breeze with you and tell you all about out our last vacation and how the family is doing...

  • But I prefer we save that for after we have completely booked your calendar with Motivated High-Intent prospects who are ready to work with you.

  • So until you are one of my success stories, lets get laser focused.

  • We are going to start by discussing where you are now

  • Review the most successful marketing style for this industry

  • Get detailed on how to implement it inside your practice

  • My Goal is to increase your revenue by 20% in this call.

Full disclosure:

I said this is a NO SALES PITCH Strategy Session, and it is. I will not ask you to buy a single thing.

If I have earned the right by the end of our meeting and we agree that we are a good fit, I will ask you if you would like us to be a part of your success team. If you do, great! But, we don't onboard any new clients on the first call, Again nothing will be sold on this session. Its All About Your Growth.

There it is. Full transparency. This is a business but I believe in earning your business before I ever ask for it.


That being said 

  1. Bring a pen and paper there will be some note worthy information

  2. Bring an open mind because your business is your baby and you just might determine that your baby is "ugly"

  3. But don't worry we will give you the knowledge and tools to change that almost overnight.

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